Serger 2

In a perfect world all of you would would run out and buy 1 yard of
“weaver’s cloth” in white or tan! but alas, not all stores in all
areas carries weaver’s cloth so we will make due with what is available.

If you can’t find weaver’s cloth which is a medium weight fabric of
100% cotton, you can use a medium weight muslin or even broadcloth!

It is easier to use white or tan in color as it makes it easier to see
the stitches against the fabric. Colored fabric makes it more difficult.

What ever type of fabric you use, make sure it is 100% cotton!!! you
do not need to pre-wash it as it is for samples for your notebook only.

what you are going to do with the fabric is start at the fold and cut
it into 2 – 3 inch strips. It isn’t rocket science so don’t worry if
it is 2 or 3 or 4 inches! Cut 3 or 4 strips to start. You will be
cutting more strips as needed, the remainder of the fabric can be used
for other samples we will be doing along the way…

I guess it would help if I said buy 1 yard! or if you have fabric, you
will need about 1 yard.

salvage edge
|..^— cut from fold to salvage so the strips are 44″ long

(hopefully this will come out as I see it)


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