Green Salsa; Chili with Cilantro

Green Salsa; Chili with Cilantro

Recipe: Salsa or what to do with all those hot peppers you are

5 green (long) chilies
4 Jalapeno
2 yellow chilies

Cut in pieces, leaving seeds in makes it very hot, you can leave in
some seeds or no seeds, depending on how hot you want it to be.
Place in a blender or food processor, add olive oil and blend to form
a smooth paste.

Add to chilies
3 cloves of garlic
Salt and pepper to taste

Blend once again

Add 1 bunch cilantro, cut stems off to leaves and blend

Add ‘Club’ crackers (similar to saltines more flakey but saltines will
work) to constancy, if it is to thick add more olive oil to thin add
more crackers.

Serve with bread or on boiled red potatoes or with meat.


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