Making Your Own Dog Toys

I have a darling little pup. Now 8 months old but.. and I think I need to say BUT he tears apart his toys! When I say tears them apart that is an understatement! He guts them! he is so proud running around with this gutless (read stuffing) rag! I just spent $8 for the dog squeaky 2 days earlier.

I know it is the nature of the breed.. he is a Chihuahua crossed with a mini doxi = Chiweenie. Chihuahuas are bred to kill rats while dachshunds are bred to go down the holes of badgers and kill them. This explains the gutting their toys and proudly carrying them around.

I am resorting to making his toys. I won’t be putting any stuffing in them! I found a place that talks about making your own dog toys. They have patterns, ideas and information Making Your Own Dog Toys


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