Photos? where are they?

I have a digital camera…. somewhere! actually I can see its case from where I am sitting but since I purchased it in 1996 and it still works fine.. I am having a hard time justifying a new one. The kids tell me my camera is “Vintage” … Vintage? oh brother what does that make me? you are not allowed to ask my Grandsons!

I pulled its card out to slip into my laptop… oh my! it is 3 times the size of the new cameras cards! I have the cables… think they are still hooked to my desk top, and I can always download photos the ‘old fashioned way’ LOL!

To have a Zoom.. that would be really nice and maybe I need to start looking at new cameras.. doesn’t mean I can justify getting one.

Once school is out for the summer I will drag the old camera out, dust it off and start taking photos of projects I am working on.

Be forewarned… I am a terrible at taking photos!


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