Serging Tips – Chain Off

Serger – Chain Off

Once your machine is threaded, you will want to run your serger to
create a chain of thread before inserting the fabric, say about 4-6
inches. The Chain is the thread coming off of the stitch finger. The
chain is also referred to as the Tail.

When you have finished a seam, let the chain continue to form. Let it
chain off at least 8-12 inches. You will cut it at 4-6 inches so that
the next time you begin to serge a seam the chain is ready to go.

This long chain of thread will allow you to tuck it into the stitch so
it doesn’t come unthreaded. You can use your dental flosser, an
embroidery needle with a large eye and blunt tip, a special tool used
to thread a chain or a strap tuner to tuck the chain into the seam.
Thread the chain into the eye, now run the needle through the serged
seam. You can cut the thread after it has been threaded into the seam
about 1-2 inches. If you prefer to use a seam sealant** or any other
type of fabric glue that is fine too. However be aware that these need
several hours to dry before cutting the chain off.

**I use FrayBlock as *note: fray block is soft and pliable, I have not
found this to be true with other sealants


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