Threading Order and How To Remember

On a 4 thread serger there are 4 tension knobs. Some sergers may have dials while others may have slides to adjust your tensions.

the order they are in…. but not the order they are threaded!!!

From Left to Right

the first on the left is the Left Needle = LN
the second is (center left) is Right Needle = RN
the third is Upper Looper = UL
the last far right is Lower Looper = LL

The order in which they are threaded is:

Upper Looper = UL
Lower Looper = LL
Right Needle = RN
Left Needle = LN

with a little piece of scotch tape, tape it next to each tensioner. On the tape write down what the tensioner is using the abbreviations and the order in which it is threaded.


Now place another piece of tape over this so it doesn’t get erased as it as you thread these tensioners.

This will remind you which one it is and in what order you thread your machine.


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