Greek Lamb

Greek Lamb

In a baking pan with lid, crock pot, or stove top with lid

place meat in the center of the pan – you can make incisions into meat
and place sliced to whole garlic into meat or just place garlic over

quarter potatoes and place around meat
quarter onions or smaller and place around meat (optional)
1 large can stewed tomatoes or diced and pour over potatoes (optional)
1 large can tomato sauce poured over everything
Oregano at your discretion sprinkled over all everything.
1 orange squeezed over the meat or ¼ cup or more orange juice
Cinnamon sprinkled all over the top, don’t be afraid to use cinnamon, makes a much richer flavor

bake at 350^ for 20 minutes per pound but average 1-2 hours. Stove
top will be about the same, crock pot.. a long time!

Left overs make a great stew, with a nice crusty bread


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