Calvin Klein Hem

This is called a ‘Calvin Klein Hem’ – Mr. Klein patented this hemming technique *shrug* looks like a rolled hem without any ‘rolled hem’ attachment to me but what do I know? This is used on a blouse or shirt and lies very flat. This hem can’t be seen when tucked in a skirt.

1. stitch 1/4 inch from the raw edge all the way around bottom of garment.

2. fold up on the stitch line and press

3. stitch 1/16 inch from folded edge

4. lay fabric on the flat of your open hand and trim from the raw edge
to the stitch line.. or as close as you can (this is where my short
rounded thread scissors comes in handy..I find more control)

5. fold up and press

6. stitch down

7. press

(this hem does come close to a rolled hem. Make a couple of
samples first, you may be able to get the hem even smaller.)


One Response

  1. I can’t imagine when he might have “patented’ it, but I’ll tell you it was taught to me in the sixties either from a sewing book or in school. maybe is patent is bogus cause no one called him on it.

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