Serger – how much thread in 6 inches?

Assignment 1

How much thread in 6 inches?

Now that you have finished your stitch samples, it is time to start your first assignment. You will need to get a sample of how much thread is used in 6 inches using a 4 thread balanced stitch. Chain off and cut 6 inches of the thread off of the machine. No fabric in the serger. If you find this interesting, you can do this with your machine settings set up in the various settings; three thread, flat lock, and so on.

The reason for this is so you get an understanding of how much thread is being used per 6 inches. Each thread path will give a different length. When you have only so much thread on a spool, it helps to give you an idea of how far it will go. Some of the finer more expensive threads come in smaller cones/spools and if doing a long run it helps to know if you need to purchase more than one per spool.

There are some threads that come in a skein. Most of you are more familiar with this when we think of embroidery thread. Pearl Cotton and Pearl crown Rayon can also comes on a spool but usually found in a skein. To use this thread, you will need to untangle it from its wrap and “S” it on the table.

When doing a project there is some mental preparation required. Besides the order in which a garment is going to be assembled, which we will get to later on.. there is also the concern with some threads running out in the middle of a seam or decorative stitch.

If you know that your LL uses so many inches of thread to an inch of serging, it will help you better plan on not only how many skeins or spools of thread you will need but if you will run out in the middle of a seam and if it wouldn’t be better to use a different kind of thread.

The shorter threads are the needle threads. To find the needle thread, straighten the end of the threads and carefully pull the shortest one (needle threads are always the shortest threads) so the thread comes un-chained. Now measure how many inches of thread you have used for the UL, LL, RN, LN.

If you keep the different colors of thread in your machine finding the needle thread will be easy. By pulling the needle thread, it will cause the threads to come apart.

You can tape the threads on a form and add them to your sampler. Be sure to note which thread is which and the length of each thread.


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