Sleeves —

One notch goes in the front — two notches are in the back! it
doesn’t matter which pattern company you use, it is one of those
industry standards. One in front, two in back!

If you notice on a sleeve, there is a notch or a black dot at the
center top (cap) of the sleeve. this tells you where to match up the
sleeve at the shoulder.

There are usually two black dots on a sleeve. These dots tell you where to gather to ease the excess fabric in. But these two dots tell me something else….

When putting in a sleeve, you want some extra stitching in the sleeve where we put stress when reaching forward. Ever notice that a sleeve comes apart at the same place? right in the back!

To fix this problem…. we go back to those black dots showing us where to ease in the sleeve into the armhole… side note.. an armhole is actually called an armscye – when sewing in a sleeve…

start at the Front dot, sew down to the side seam, continue around and when you come back to the front dot you started at.. go around and stop at the back dot!

and now you have it!


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