Scrap Catcher

When I am sewing I use a coffee can to put all of my fabric scraps from cutting out a pattern and a place to put the threads when I am trimming them after each seam, but for a serger… I need a scrap catcher.

If you don’t have a scrap catcher you will be sweeping up a floor or picking up on carpet! And if you have a nosy busy buddy wee dog that is intrigued by the falling strings of fabric and is determined to spread it around… you need a scrap catcher!

If you are ambitious and want to sew one here are links to patterns and ideas..

Janome Scrap Catcher

Scrap Catcher

if you are crafty…

you can decorate a cardboard box, using sticky velcro – velcro the bottom of your serger in two places and the flap of a box in matching places, the box is pretty- that is if you are crafty. Now cut or make
another box that fits inside.. easy to empty that way.

and the lazy way… my favorite

Hang a grocery store bag by putting the handles under the front feet of the machine. It stays open enough to catch the snippets from the cutting blade.

got an old baseball cap? slide it under your serger

I use the grocery bag…. I throw it away after I finish each project.


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