T-Shirt Folding Machine

We need a t-shirt folding machine! Since we will be making a T-shirt and I hope you will make many more in your future… having a t-shirt folding machine allows you to have each shirt folded to the same size, easily fitting in a drawer or on a shelf. I use mine for towels as well as anything I want to be folded the same size.

I built one and love it! I have since modified it to fit my husband’s size t-shirts X-Large and longer
then store bought. I love the fact that all the shirts are the same size.

T-shirt folding machine

upgraded to fold smaller


I really like mine! I did make mine to fold up to travel so I could slide it easily into a cupboard when not in use.

I made my center piece in 3 sections at 10″ each in length with the two side panels in two sections at 15″ each.

The first link is a slow paced version and second is faster and is modified to travel.


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  1. You can go to http://www.flipfold.com/instructions.htm to see other ideas for folding using your t-shirt folder.

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