Duct Tape Dress Form Part 1

It can be called a Duct Tape Dress form, Duct Tape Dummy, and Duct Tape Double

I have decided to split this into several articles so it doesn’t get boring and I can add photos.

If you are sewing for yourself, at some point you will want a dress form. I have had several and my favorite is a duct tape double. It is cheap to make but you do need someone to wrap you which takes about 2 hours.
So you find a Sucker I mean friend or husband, or Mom to do the wrapping. Once you have your double, it makes it so easy to fit yourself, stand back and see what needs altering, it makes it easy to adjust the pattern and then sew.

I recommend if you are sewing for one of the kids or husband to make a double of them, even though children change quite rapidly, it is worth the 2 rolls of duct tape and 2 hours once a year so you can keep sewing and they never have to try it on… and say… ‘I’m busy’, ‘owie the pins are pokey’ or ‘not now I am doing my homework’ – <– the only time I hear this is when I needed to do a fitting!
Really small children are too wiggly to be taped, their bodies are straight up and down which makes it so easy to sew for them. Husbands are hard to talk into getting wrapped in duct tape, I have a solution which I will talk about much later.

Duct Tape comes in a rainbow of colors; silver, blue, red, purple, green, brown, white, hot pink and bright orange, and more! See them at: http://www.duct-tape.com/ Duct tape comes in two size rolls, 20 yards and 60 yards.

I would say if you have to have a color… buy the large roll of silver (as an example) at the cheaper price then spend the money on your final wrap in the color of your choice to save money. Silver on a 60 yard roll at a hardware store (HomeDepot or Lowes) is cheaper then a color on a 20 yard roll at Wal-Mart. I do want to add, do not buy cheap tape! Buy a sturdy tape be it Duct Tape or another brand… do not buy it from the dollar store! These cheap tapes do not offer the stiffness or thickness of Duct tape. The cheap brands glue just doesn’t hold up and the thin tape doesn’t hold the shape of the person your are taping.

How much tape you will need depends on your size and the size of the rolls you purchased and how many layers of tape you use, as well as how far down you tape, and did you make arms for your dress form. You can always buy more tape then you may need and return the unopened rolls for a refund. I wrapped my daughter who is a size 3 in ready to wear or a size 10 in patterns, it took me 120 yards of tape, I did 4 wrappings. Three wrappings on the body and the final or 4th once it was stuffed.

I suggest using tape closer to your skin color. Using colors such as purple because purple is your favorite color, then making purple clothing… often times doesn’t make the garment look good because the purples clash and are not complimentary. You stand back and don’t like the garment when in reality it is beautiful. This means don’t let the kids any where near the store when buying duct tape! ROFL!!! I told my daughter, ‘if you want hot pink, you buy it, I will wrap you, but you are sewing your own clothing because that color is too hard on my eyes.’ She choose white. I wish they had tan available back then, white is bright. I have yet to tape over it in tan.

You will need to stuff your double. I have read people using old clothes, pillows, and other stuff… but honestly, pillow or stuffed animal stuffing is $1.97 a bag. It is light, easy to stuff in all the rounded places a dress form has and makes it light weight. Again, if you purchase too much, save the receipt.. the unused stuffing you can always return.

Don’t put arms on your dummy, it makes it too hard to pull anything over the top. You can make arms that can be removed or added as needed. I will cover this in much later in the article.

Next is the supplies you will need and a bit on stands.


2 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for walking us through this. I’m excited to make a duct tape dress form for myself……I just have to figure out who I am comfortable with doing the taping. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Brooke! This sounds like a wonderful way to get a perfect outfit,

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