The Glider Project 2

I cut apart a cardboard box, then cut it to fit the measurements of 42 inches long by 23 inches wide. I took the cardboard out and put it on the glider to see if it fit.

creating a pattern

I didn’t take a picture of me using the same piece of cardboard to measure the back because it is the same size.

Placing the cardboard on the glider, I used a “red” pencil (always use red for your initial pattern, blue for the finished pattern) to mark under the cardboard, following the line of the glider.
To be sure I have the corners correctly marked, I took my foil flex ruler and shaped it around the corner.

shaping the round corner with flex foil ruler

about the flex ruler
Flex Ruler

I will add more later today as I am going to make the pattern….


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  1. hmmm, I wonder if this would work to make a shaped template for the screen of my phone. I want to cut a protector for it and when it doesn’t fit right it drives me crazy. LOL anyone with any ideas, I’d like to hear. LOL Kitty

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