Goat Milk Lotion

This Goat Milk Lotion Recipe was sent to me in 2006. I have not made it but wanted to pass it on. It is shelf stable.

Goat Milk Lotion

10.5 ounces goat milk
2 ounces glycerin
16.5 ounces coconut oil
2 ounces emulsifying wax
.5 ounces vitamin E oil
17.5 ounces aloe vera gel
.5 ounces germaben II
.5 ounces fragrance

Bring milk & glycerin almost to a boil. Melt oil & e-wax together. Slowly add milk/glycerin to oil/wax
using a whisk. Add vitamin E oil & whisk well. Cool slightly & add aloe vera gel. Whisk well. Cool to room
temperature & add fragrance & germaben II. Whisk well.
Fill sterile bottles.

(Makes 50 ounces)

To fill the bottles, I get a 60 cc syringe with a catheter tip from the vet. They are sterile & they
work great. Suck the lotion into the syringe & then squirt the lotion in the bottles


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