More beautiful cookies

I have read in a couple of posts about the KopyCake system. They offer the edible ink for the canon or epson printers. they also offer a projector to project an image on cookies so they can all be identical.

No wonder my cookies only come close to being identical! here is another site with beautiful cookies!



Shiny Icing

Here is a recipe adding corn syrup to create shiny icing

bake at 350 royal icing that shines

to go to her home page bake at 350

I just love looking at cookies!

Wood Grain on Cookies?

Again I was looking at cookie painting techniques and happened on another blog! I hope you enjoy the video. I need wood grain for making a pirate ship cookie! arrrrh! ahoy matey!

University of Cookie

A Dozen Eggs blog

I was looking for information on decorating a Crown cookie cutter. I happened upon this blog and love what I see! oh my… her cookies are beautiful, fun, and whimsical!

A Dozen Eggs