Serging Books Recommended

there are so many great books on serging it is hard to pick out just one.

I am going to recommend 2 books to purchase and to be used as your
text books:

Sewing With Sergers

Sewing With Sergers Gail Brown, Pati Palmer
Sewing With Sergers has guided hundreds of thousands of serger owners.
It is THE book to have by your serger as you venture into this whole
new realm of sewing. Gail Brown and Pati Palmer hold your hand and you
learn the machine… and the basics of serging. 128 pages.

Creative Serging

Creative Serging Pati Palmer, Gail Brown, Sue Green
Creative Serging takes you beyond the basics. Tensions can be adjusted
for decorative edges, heavy threads, yarns and ribbons. Learn to
create the look of bound edges and rolled edges for scarves & napkins.
Colour block with flatlocked seams. And heirloom sewing is no longer a
time consuming, nearly lost art. 128 pages.

These books are offered in standard bound, spiral bound, and DVD’s. I
prefer Spiral bound when ever I can find them because they lie flat on
the table. A DVD is ok for some, but for me, I need to stare at the
line drawings and read the instructions over and over and over. There
will be different editions, different covers, some pages are moved
around but basically they are all the same books.

Can be found at:
as well as other locations

These two books are written by Gail Brown and Pati Palmer, (and Sue
green for the Creative Serging book), three of several ladies that set
the standard for serging!

When we get to the projects, all of what we will be doing will be in
these books.