Serger 1

I don’t have the answer for every problem and will continue to refer
to books when I don’t know. Please jump in and help others if you have
the answer and at any time please let me know if I have written
something that isn’t correct or is confusing to you.

I am going to recommend items to purchase, some you will really need
and some you will be able to make due without.

An example of this will be when we get to making a t-shirt out of knit
fabric, 100% cotton will be recommended but not many places carries it
anymore. I have found the usual poly/cotton or cotton/spandex blends
and those will work. However, when it comes to the heirloom item, you
will need 100% cotton and preferably Batiste… but more about that later.

The first thing we need to do is to print out this form, you will find it by searching for Serger form or under Sergers.

you can hand write it if you don’t have a printer, copy and paste it
into word and change it, redo it to your liking, but no matter what
you do… you will NEED a form!!!

What you are going to do is create is a notebook of samples with
tensions settings, threads used and on which fabric, as well as
techniques. If you don’t have a spare notebook, you might want to get
one. You will be making a sample of each technique, then pinning each
sample to a sheet of paper adding any notes to help remind you of what
you did, or why you did it a particular way and then slip it into a
plastic sleeve protector and into a notebook.

Tweezers are a must! If you don’t have them, get yourself a nice pair
of sewing tweezers. Tweezers become your extended fingers and tweezers
are used to grab the thread in those tight spots and remove lint that
gather in corners. Since these tweezers are going to be an extension
of your fingers, you will want to find a pair that is comfortable for
you to use.

You may want to purchase “Floss Threaders” made by G-U-M or Butler.
They look like a noose! (a loop with a long tail). Twenty-five come in
a package. You will use them to thread your loopers. Put tail through
the looper, put thread through loop…pull tail through looper..
..looper threaded.. … that was easy! You can use your tweezers to
thread the loopers and don’t have to purchase the Floss Threaders.
But, I think this is one of the best tools for a serger and these
dental companies don’t even know it! Here is what they look like and
can be purchased at any pharmacy or store that carries dental items.
(I like the blue or green so when I drop them, they are easy to see)

Do you see the different colors on your sergers tension knobs or
dials; Violet/Purple, Turquoise/Blue, Green, and Yellow? Your serger
could have other colors then those mentioned. You will want to
purchase serger thread of each color displayed on your machine. This
will make adjusting for a balanced stitch so much easier when
identifying your upper looper, lower looper and left from right
needle. You only need to purchase 1 spool of each of these colors.
Once you start to sew on you serger, you will be able to identify the
upper looper from the lower looper from the needles both left and
right. Again this will help when learning to achieve a balanced
stitch. Do purchase a good quality serging thread, probably the most
common brand is MaxiLock found at Joann Fabrics.

If you already have enough thread of different colors, make sure they
are contrasting so you will be able to tell your upper looper thread
from your lower looper thread from your right needle to your left
needle at a glance.

***So far you will need***
several copies of a form
plastic sheet protectors
a 3 ring notebook
Eez-Thru Floss Threader by G.U.M. or Butler
4 spools of Serger Thread

Find a place to put your serger for the next couple of months. A
corner somewhere, even it it is on a (sturdy) TV stand it is better
then in your closet! Make it easy for you to walk over, sit down and
do a sample or two and get up and continue with what you were doing.
Trying to take your machine out, set it up, take it down and put it
away every time you want to use it, isn’t fun! Make sure it is away
from children! babies tend to break your thread tree and play with
your tensions!!! we don’t want any little fingers getting serged!