Serger 3

Threading your Machine

It is time to learn to thread your machine. Hopefully by now you have
read through your manual and gotten familiar with the information in
it.¬† I recommend that you make a copy of your manual because you can’t do a thing without the manual.

If you take a poll about threading the first thing everyone says is
buy a babylock evlove because it threads itself. Well, yes it does
but, only the lower looper and….. try threading a little thicker thread in it and it just doesn’t
work and you have to make it jump through hoops to get it to thread
thicker thread.

Others will say, tie the thread on and pull it through… but that
doesn’t always work. For some reason some machines miss the lower
looper tensioner that is the bear to thread!

The Lower Looper is that one tensioner that causes all of the fuss.. “My serger is a
pain to thread”.

As with any new tool or technique there is a learning curve. We just
have to pay our dues to the Serger Gods; Sergio and Sergina! (didn’t
know there were serger Gods did ya!)

The dues that need to be paid is ripping out hair, saying bad words,
thinking about throwing the serger across the room and why oh why
didn’t I buy a babylock!

Oh sorry.. got side tracked .. back to tying on and pulling through.

One of the problems with this technique and yes in most cases it does
work, but when a thread breaks with your seam half serged now what? is
this the time to try to figure out that the lower looper thread goes
OVER the upper looper arm? Now you are even more stressed because
there is nothing to tie on to and pull!

Once you learn to thread your machine, you have half way mastered your

get your manual out.. if you need to photograph the thread in your
serger then by all means do so! do what ever you need to do to make
yourself comfortable.. cause you are going to remove the thread from
your machine and thread it from scratch!

Most machines have a guide in the door.. follow your thread as
compared to how your machine is threaded. Look at your manual.. if
your manual has the threading between several pages, perhaps copying
only the diagrams needed, cutting and pasting onto one sheet, placed
in the front of your manual will help make things easier.

Once you have your machine threaded, everything needs to go under the
presser foot.

There is a TUNNEL under the presser foot. Go ahead and check it out.
It will look something like this |-| <– see the tunnel? this is
where you put the threads.

What I do is lick my thumb and index finger, give the threads a twist
to keep them all together and then under the presser foot, putting the
foot down.

Thread machine with presser foot up, gather all threads together and
under the foot. Place foot down and all the threads should be correled
in the tunnel.

place your foot on the controller.. and gently press down!

A stitch should be forming on the “Stitch Finger”. If not, then you
most likely missed the thread guide on your lower looper.

If the thread knots up, most likely you tried to thread the lower
looper with the needles threaded or missed the lower looper thread guide or perhaps you didn’t raise the thread tree to its highest position, or the thread isn’t spooling off the cone smoothly…. the thread broke and the needle threads got tangled in the upper looper arm.

Start over. And over, and over! until you have mastered threading.
At some point you will have that  Ah! HA! moment.

Computerized machines.. whether you have a serger, embroidery machine
or sewing machine.. get a surge protector!!! I can’t stress this
enough. And NO magnets near these computers… why take a chance?

so.. thread, thread, thread.

if you have a stitch formed? try serging on a piece of fabric.