Woolly Nylon

Woolly Nylon also called Texturized Nylon (Woolly Nylon is a brand name from YLI)

I use my flossers to thread standard thread but most definitely with woolly nylon as well as other
larger decorative threads.

Woolly Nylon is used primarily for doing a rolled hem. In this case the woolly nylon is used in the Upper Looper. The reason for this is because the fabric is rolled under (the lower looper is pulling the upper looper down so the fabric rolls*).

There may come a time when you want to put Woolly Nylon in both loopers and create a balanced stitch. An example I can think of is when you want to put a nice soft finish on the edge of fleece.

*the EuroPro does NOT roll the hem down, it does a Mock rolled hem and it rolls the fabric up – this means you need to put the the right side of the fabric face down to achieve a rolled hem look. just an FYI

YLI – Woolly Nylon now has an EXTRA Woolly Nylon and I love it! it has better coverage and when doing a fleece jacket or blanket edge really nice.