Chemo Again

I am back in chemo again. I have had my first treatment of 6 a week ago. I expect in another week my hair will be falling out… and just when I packed up all my scarves! I will be getting them out and wearing them once again.

All of the recipes….. I am not in a hurry to post all of the family recipes, many are very old. I wanted my kids to have them and this is the best way to get them to family members and of course to share them with everyone here and those that will stumble upon this blog (hopefully) in years to come… my dear friend has so graciously accepted to take over once I am gone.

I don’t find out how the chemo is working on me for another month! so now it is the waiting game.

I found some pretty fabric at Joann’s so I will be making a new scarf!

So….. as fast as I can I am posting between chemo treatments! or as I have the energy.


Chemo Hats

Chemo Hats

Fourteen days after my first Chemo treatment, I started loosing my hair. After each treatment I lost more and more hair. After the 6th treatment I was completely bald. It was hard to loose my hair, but I have to say, loosing my eyelashes was interesting… ever try to put false eyelashes on when there is nothing to brace them against? Oh goodness.. that was hysterical!

Loosing my hair was going to be a new adventure, after all, I hadn’t had a hair cut since 1968. and my straight long hair has come back curly and I LOVE IT! My eyelashes took almost a year to get back to normal… since they fell out at once, they came back in at once. I would notice areas that fell out at the same time rather then one or two.

What I wasn’t prepared for was the eyebrows! I had laughed at the eyebrow stencils at the store! ‘if these ladies wouldn’t shave their eyebrows,, LOL, they wouldn’t need stencils to put their eyebrows back on!’ little did I know I wished I had not laughed but had foreseen needing them. When I saw them again, I bought them all! Just in case I have to go through chemo again! I used 3 different colors of eyebrow pencils in lighter colors then what my hair color was. I then used a little brown eyeshadow over my penciled brows to add a little depth. Anything to look more normal.

I HATE baseball caps! If women are trying to hide their baldness… why a baseball cap? Because it is easy to put on? Oh goodness.. at a time when I really needed to feel pretty… a baseball cap just didn’t do it. I chose scarves tied on the side and a long piece twisted and around my head to add volume to the side. With hoop earrings, people looked at me and never suspected I was bald.

Here is some links and information on making hats and scarves and how to tie the scarves.

reversable chemo hat and pattern

knitted and a couple of sewn hats. I have to say this sweet lady on the net sent me two turbans made of knit fabric (Tee shirt fabric) and I lived in them when at home. I was also sent 2 knitted caps and over the winter when out and about they were wonderfully warm. Made from some really soft yarn.
head huggers

scarves is what I went out an about in, but since scarves are hard to find and that included looking in thrift stores. Most of the time the scarves I found were too small to actually cover my now hairless head. I resorted to making scarves.

I used a Serger and used a rolled hem on the edges. Putting Textured Nylon (YLI trademarked the name Woolly Nylon) in my Upper Looper, the machine rolled the edge down so the Textured Nylon showed and provided good coverage along the edge.

I also used my sewing machine and using the 1/8” hemming foot worked just fine. It takes a bit of practice to get used to starting a rolled hem.

I liked some of the looks of the scarves here…

scarf tying guide
how to tie a scarf
tying a scarf

To keep the scarf from slipping, I used a “Wave Forming Stocking Cap” which I found at Wal-Mart in the isle that sells, brushes, clips, rollers and etc.. I got 2 in a package for $1.59. Here is a link to what it looks like.
stocking wave sap

Place cap on your head, center the scarf on your head, tuck scarf edge under the stocking cap. You can just tuck a little in the front or go all the way around your face stopping before the ears. This will secure the scarf in place and never again have to adjust it.