Pattern Companies and Body Type

Vogue designs patterns for Tall, thin women with no butts.

McCall’s and Butterick designs patterns for a more normal shaped woman

Simplicity designs with cuts a little larger then Vogue and Burda

Burda designs with a little more fullness in the bust and butt area then Vogue.


Pattern Fitting

Pattern fitting is the hardest part of the sewing project but I personally find it the most fun! How many times have you purchased a pattern by your bust size only to find it was too big in the neck or shoulders?

I hope to explain the process of fitting a pattern without too much confusion. Since this is a long explanation… can’t help myself, I want to make sure everything is clearly understood. I love sewing and want others to enjoy it as much as I do.

Pattern Fitting and Ease

Most patterns are purchased by the High Bust measurement. The reasoning is you will NOT have to adjust the shoulders, neck or sleeve openings. The however to this is if you are very large busted or have large biceps.  Though I still buy by my high bust and adjust the pattern accordingly.

There are other considerations .. are you high waisted, low waisted, high busted or low busted. There are ways to adjust for these by cutting into the paper pattern and moving darts. 

I recommend that you make a copy of your pattern so in case you gain or loose weight and like the pattern you have it and don’t have to buy another pattern. I also recommend that once the pattern is cut out and seam allowances marked, you pin it together and try it on. Yes it is only half a pattern but you can get a feel as to what needs to be altered *before* you cut your fabric out.  So with this said.. here is a link explaining how to measure yourself and a form to write it all down on. Below is an explanation on what all the columns mean.

measurement form 1
here is another form
measurement form 2

one of the easiest ways to start measuring is to get a piece of elastic or string and put around your waist.

Your Body Measurement – this is the measurement you take for your body and these are the measurements you will buy your pattern from.

more later because there are 10 pages I have written and need to go over them for clarity as well as correspond them to the above forms.