Singer Slant-O-Matic

Can a home sewing machine go through 8 layers of heavy denim? well, mine can! I have a Singer Slant-O-Matic 401A.

Using Jeans Stitch – thread used to sew denim… in both top and bobbin, my machine went through denim like it was running through silk.

Here is my little pictorial.

My husbands jeans - ripped pocket
as you can see my DH ripped his jeans, caught it on the corner of a table I am sure. They are going into the recycle box.

cut leg off of jeans

I have cut the leg off and cut off all of the seams. Turning the jeans fabric, right side, wrong side for all 8 layers… don’t want someone to accuse me of cheating!

8 layers

Using 6 stitches to an inch, adjusting the presser foot tension on top of the machine, replacing the universal needle with a denim needle… Ta Da!

holding up off the table

I have tried so many ways to pick this fabric up off the table to show all eight layers stitched together but the back 2 layers keep curling.

It dawned on me I didn’t show this on my machine so I went back and took some photos

Being sewn on machine

a view of machine

Finishing off