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Goat Milk Lotion

This Goat Milk Lotion Recipe was sent to me in 2006. I have not made it but wanted to pass it on. It is shelf stable.

Goat Milk Lotion

10.5 ounces goat milk
2 ounces glycerin
16.5 ounces coconut oil
2 ounces emulsifying wax
.5 ounces vitamin E oil
17.5 ounces aloe vera gel
.5 ounces germaben II
.5 ounces fragrance

Bring milk & glycerin almost to a boil. Melt oil & e-wax together. Slowly add milk/glycerin to oil/wax
using a whisk. Add vitamin E oil & whisk well. Cool slightly & add aloe vera gel. Whisk well. Cool to room
temperature & add fragrance & germaben II. Whisk well.
Fill sterile bottles.

(Makes 50 ounces)

To fill the bottles, I get a 60 cc syringe with a catheter tip from the vet. They are sterile & they
work great. Suck the lotion into the syringe & then squirt the lotion in the bottles

why do dogs chase cats?

dog and cats

The Glider Project 2

I cut apart a cardboard box, then cut it to fit the measurements of 42 inches long by 23 inches wide. I took the cardboard out and put it on the glider to see if it fit.

creating a pattern

I didn’t take a picture of me using the same piece of cardboard to measure the back because it is the same size.

Placing the cardboard on the glider, I used a “red” pencil (always use red for your initial pattern, blue for the finished pattern) to mark under the cardboard, following the line of the glider.
To be sure I have the corners correctly marked, I took my foil flex ruler and shaped it around the corner.

shaping the round corner with flex foil ruler

about the flex ruler
Flex Ruler

I will add more later today as I am going to make the pattern….

The Glider Project

My Mother stays with me during the Summer because my Desert Summer’s heat is cooler then her Desert Summer’s heat! Her’s gets to 125+!!!

My Mother has the sweetest poodle! Tia. Tia is like a dish rag, loves to be held, loves the warmth of the sun and sits in her swing at home. When they come for the Summer she doesn’t have a place to lay outside except in the dirt or on concrete. She is a girly girl and doesn’t like dirt.

A few months ago I was at my favorite thrift store and low and behold I find this…


An old Glider made of Aluminum and priced at $15.00!!!! so I bought it. It needs to be washed and I need to make cushions for it… in the next 3 weeks.

I have two different prints

Pink and Brown Print

Line Green and Brown Houndstooth

I’m not sure yet which one I am going to do… leaning toward the Pink/Brown but I love the Green and Brown. I may have to toss a coin.

It will make a nice place for my Mother and Tia to sit in the early morning watching the sun come up over the mountain while drinking her morning coffee.

I have 3 weeks! I am not sure if I am going to use foam or stuffing. Oh so many decisions, so little time!
The Glider Project 2

Oil Lamps and Candles Burn Rate

Kerosene lantern – 1 wick

Will burn 45 hours on 1 qt. (dietz lantern information) burning at the rate of 5 hours a day, the following amount of kerosene would be used; per day – 1/9 qt., per week – 7/9 qt; per month 3 1/13 qt.; per year 10 gallons

Candles burning time

¾” diameter x 4” tall – 2 hours and 20 minutes
7/8” diameter 4” – 5 hours
2” square x 9” high – 7 hours per inch or 4 inches – 28 hours and 9 inches – 63 hours

wicks for oil lamps are so cheap… 3 for under $1.00 buy them by the handful!!

Safe Household Cleaner

Safe Household Cleaner

2- pint (or 2 full bottles of average size) wintergreen rubbing alcohol
4- Tablespoons liquid dish soap
4- Tablespoons Lemon ammonia
4- Tablespoons vinegar
Pour all ingredients into a clean large gallon size jug (an empty gallon size vinegar jug is great).
Add cold water till jug is most of the way full. Shake to mix.

Use as you would any other purchased cleaner. I find I don’t have to worry about harmful smells or chemicals when mopping my floors or using on counter tops, stove, walls or any where else I happen to use it.

Thank you Rita for sharing this recipe with me.